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Aja Kinche-1kg

PURE ETHIOPIAN CRASHED OATS ✓ All Baltina’s Aja Kinche (also known as Crushed Oat) is imported directly from Ethiopia. ✓ Made from organic oats, it is very popular not only in Ethiopia, but all around the world. UNIVERSAL BREAKFAST FOR YOU

Mitin Shiro –

SPICIER FOR YOUR TASTE ✓ Mitin Shiro is not just seasoning, it is a mark of traditional UNIQUELY PREPARED JUST FOR YOU ✓ Our Mitin Shero is not just savoury, but it is prepared with the end consumer in-sight. ✓ We uphold high hygienic standards and make sure that the product is able to retain not only its freshness, but also its distinct spice and taste through the meticulous way we package it. Ethiopian culture. ✓ Widely used during fasting seasons such as Ramadan and Lent, Mitin Shiro is not only affordable, but also ‘very’ nourishing. ✓ All Baltina Shiro, imported from Ethiopia, comes as natural as it is spicy.

Berbere -1kg

All Baltina ’s natural Berbere is imported directly from Ethiopia. ✓ Berbere (also known as Ethiopian red pepper), is a traditional Ethiopian spice that is an integral ingredient in not just Ethiopian cuisine, but in dishes across the world. ✓ Expect maximum flavor and heated taste buds as you try out dishes prepared with this exuberant-crimson red pepper!

Mitmita 500g. (

Mitmita is indigenous Ethiopian Hot Chili and is just like Berebere (Ethiopian Red Pepper), but hotter! It is very often used as seasoning for the traditional Ethiopian dish of minced raw beef called Kitfo. ✓ Advisory precaution should be taken before taking this exceptionally hot spice!

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