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ONLINE CHEF SERVICES – OKRA SOUP (4 LITRES ) Serving for up to 10 Adults

Enjoy our Online Chef services, Enjoy exquisite delicacy specially made by our partner Chefs ,with  a five star touch and unique taste of real African delicacy you will always run back to.


– Fresh Okro 100g X4
– Palm oil 100ml X4
– Fresh pepper 4-7pcs X4
– Cameroon pepper/chili flakes X4
– Ogbono grounded(optional) 10g X4
– Crayfish 30g X4

– First protein: Goat meat, beef, Fish, Oxtail (3 pcs) X4
– Second protein: Smoked catfish, Smoked Titus (1pcs), Dried Shrimp (30g) X4
– Third protein: Assorted goat/cow meat (3pcs) X4

– Vegetable: Spinach, Pumpkin leaves X4

you can also specify your style on the note session to allow us satisfy you more.

soups Comes in a 2 litres container , serving for 10 people . Please store in the refrigerator below 18 degree if not fully consumed .

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 soup serving for up to for 7 people

we offer you the best chefs in town to solve your cooking dilemma.


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